SlipStream Features

Developed by SixSq, SlipStream is a multi-cloud application management platform. It automates the full application management lifecycle, including the deployment, testing, certification and optimization of the application, within Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud infrastructures.

The software’s features appeal to a wide variety of different users:

  • End-users will use SlipStream as an application provisioning engine to deploy virtual machines as well as full services, such as data analysis clusters. Users will find that SlipStream’s multi-cloud support makes deploying resources into different cloud infrastructures uniform and transparent.
  • Service providers can use SlipStream to define customized images and full systems (batch clusters, LAMP applications, analysis platforms, etc.), creating a rich catalog of services that end-users can deploy with the click of a button.
  • Software developers will be thrilled with SlipStream’s ability to provide dynamic, near-production environments for realistic testing of full software systems. Multi-cloud support takes this testing to the next level, allowing the behavior of systems to be tested over the wide area network.
  • DevOps practitioners can take advantage of SlipStream’s automation and scaling capabilities to deploy, maintain, and optimize production applications in multiple cloud infrastructures.