NuvlaCity provides an edge computing platform that transparently integrates a wide variety of cloud infrastructures and edge devices.

  • Nuvla, a SlipStream service operated by SixSq, allows users to define, manage, and monitor their applications from a single point.
  • NuvlaBox machines (with varying capacities) provide edge computing capabilities near data sources and sensors.

This demonstration covers the core elements and functionality of the NuvlaCity platform. In particular, it shows how you can:

  • Setup your account on Nuvla and manage applications.
  • Initialize a NuvlaBox and activate it through Nuvla.
  • Manage and monitor applications running with virtual machines.
  • Manage and monitor Docker (container-based) applications.
  • Deploy and use a container orchestration engine, specifically Docker Swarm.
  • Update the state of running applications, with Anisible or other similar systems.

To make the demonstration as useful as possible, it uses concrete container and configuration management technologies. Keep in mind however, that NuvlaCity is a generic platform that allows a wide variety of technologies to be used.