Cloud Connectors

SlipStream supports a variety of different cloud providers through a set of cloud connectors. Generally the connectors for open source cloud providers are also open source; those for commercial providers are released under a proprietary license.

Doing the following:

$ yum search slipstream-connector-

will list all of the available cloud connector packages.

Activating a Cloud Connector

To activate a connector for a specific cloud provider, you must install the appropriate cloud connector package and configure the server to make the connector visible to users.

Installing Cloud Connector Packages

All of the SlipStream cloud connectors are packaged separately. You must install the packages for the clouds that you want to support through your SlipStream server.

See the connector-specific sections for detailed installation instructions for each cloud connector. If the documentation for your connector is not present, then get in touch with SixSq Support.


Note that the SlipStream server must be restarted after installing or removing a cloud connector.

Making Connector Visible to Users

In the configuration page, under the SlipStream Basics section, you specify which connectors you want the SlipStream server to load and activate.

The value for this parameter is a comma-separated list of name:connector pairs. If the name is not supplied, the default will be used. The same connector can be used multiple times with different names (and parameters).

For example, the value:


will load the CloudStack connector twice (with names “cloudstack” and “cloud2”) and the CloudStack connector once (with name “cloud9”). The names given to the connecto instances should be in kebab-case.

The cloud and connector names are given in the following table. Note that the connector names are case insensitive.

Cloud Connector Name License
Amazon EC2 aws proprietary
CloudStack cloudstack open-source (Apache 2.0)
Exoscale exoscale proprietary
OpenNebula opennebula open-source (Apache 2.0)
OpenStack openstack open-source (Apache 2.0)
Open Telekom Cloud otc proprietary
NuvlaBox nuvlabox proprietary
VMware vCloud vcloud proprietary

Connector Licenses

The connectors are released under different licenses, depending on the cloud solution with which they interface. Generally, connectors talking to open source IaaS cloud solutions are released under an open source license, while for proprietary IaaS solutions, the connectors are released under a proprietary license.

To get details on the terms for proprietary licenses, please get in touch with SixSq Support.