SlipStream is a multi-cloud application management platform. The core of SlipStream and many of the cloud connectors are open-source and released under the Apache 2 License. Collectively this version is called the SlipStream Community Edition.

This guide focuses on the Community Edition, providing information on how to:

  • Obtain the source code from GitHub,
  • Build and package the software, and
  • Run SlipStream locally for development.

This guide does not cover the SlipStream API. If you want to use SlipStream programmatically, you can find the complete API documentation on a separate, dedicated site.

The procedures (and API) are identical for the Enterprise Edition, except that modules for additional cloud connectors for public cloud services must be included.

The primary programming languages for SlipStream are Clojure, ClojureScript, and Python. Other languages such as Java, JavaScript, bash, etc. are also used.

Maven and Leiningen are used to build the software and various language-specific frameworks are used for testing.