Although SlipStream’s RESTful API can be consumed directly, it is sometimes easier to use a library that wraps the RESTful interface to allow for more idomatic use from a given programming language.


A complete Clojure API is provided. This library provides full-featured synchronous and asynchronous clients. The asynchronous client is compatible with ClojureScript and can be used in JavaScript runtime environments.

The Clojure API source code is in GitHub and the Clojure API documentation is hosted in GitHub Pages.


A complete Python API is provided. This native library provided a full coverage of the SlipStream features. The Python API source code is hosted in GitHub with the Python API documentation in GitHub Pages.

There is also a Libcloud Driver for SlipStream that supports the basic cloud application management features. As for the other libraries, the Libcloud driver source code is in GitHub with the Libcloud Driver Documentation in GitHub Pages.