Reliability & SecurityΒΆ

The NuvlaBox software has been designed to make the machines as reliable and secure as possible, while keeping the flexibility and remote management features of cloud technologies.

  • Security
    • All communications with the NuvlaBox are encrypted
    • Only needed ports are exposed over the local and wide area networks
    • Default credentials are unique for each NuvlaBox
  • Privacy
    • The NuvlaBox lets you keep your data within your network, making maintaining privacy and confidentiality easier
  • Connectivity
    • The NuvlaBox offers many ways to connect to the local or wide area network
    • Multiple layers try hard to maintain network connectivity once established
    • When the NuvlaBox is connected to the Internet, it tries to connect to a remote SlipStream instance to allow for remote operation
  • Resiliency
    • In the case of a power outage, the NuvlaBox will restore existing VMs when power is restored
    • To ensure consistency and to avoid system performance deterioration, all unnecessary system data are erased at each reboot; VM data and user configurations are maintained across reboots
    • The firmware persists only some configuration files, logs, and services databases. The possibility of system corruption after a power cut is extremely small.
    • A watchdog is configured to restart the system in case of kernel crash, ensuring high availability of the system