Software Architecture

Software Stack

The NuvlaBox is built atop a robust Open Source foundation, benefiting from the reliability and diverse features of tested, open software. No other cloud appliance has the level of functionality and integration provided by the NuvlaBox.

NuvlaBox Software Stack

NuvlaBox Software Stack

The NuvlaBox also takes advantage of numerous system-level services to support the core software stack. Many of them can be configured to support customized NuvlaBox installations.

Accessible Service Endpoints

Users connected to the WiFi/LAN network of the NuvlaBox can access the following endpoint:

  • nuvlabox (

If you are not connected to the NuvlaBox on the wide area network, you can connect to those services by using the IP of the NuvlaBox in your network.

Services Names Listening Ports
SlipStream 443
OpenNebula Sunstone 9870
SSH 22

User Accounts

Service Name Username Password location Description
SSH root In credentials prospectus NuvlaBox administrator
SlipStream nuvlabox In credentials prospectus NuvlaBox cloud user
SlipStream super In credentials prospectus SlipStream administrator
OpenNebula ssuser In credentials prospectus OpenNebula cloud user configured for NuvlaBox cloud user
OpenNebula oneadmin In /var/lib/one/.one/one_auth OpenNebula cloud administrator