SlipStream and NuvlaBox Training - 2017-04

Understanding SlipStream (KS)

Understanding SlipStream by using Nuvla, SixSq’s managed SlipStream service.

Understanding the NuvlaBox (KB)

Building and Running Cloud Applications (KS)

Based on Module III. Use Nuvla. Run all deployments on NuvlaBox. For multi-cloud deployment run on NuvlaBox and Exoscale.

  • Workspace (projects, ACLs, versioning)
  • Images (native images)
  • Components I (parameterized and secured web server)
  • Deployment Logs
  • Components II (test client for the web server)
  • Applications (multi-machine deployment, parameters exchange, component multiplicity, multi-cloud deployment (test clients on NuvlaBox and web server on Exoscale))

Demo (LS)

Sensor-based applications on NuvlaBox.

  • Car counting camera and application

Automation, Optimization and Debugging (KS)

Scalable Applications (KS)

Theory and demonstration of scalable and autoscalable application in SlipStream. Based on SlipStream Module IV.