SixSq produces a new, incremental release of SlipStream approximately every two weeks. Those “candidate” releases are deployed on Nuvla to allow everyone to benefit from bugfixes and new features.

SixSq promotes a release to “stable” about once a quarter. These releases are fully supported by SixSq and recommended for other production deployments.

The release notes for all releases are available on the SlipStream documentation website.

In addition to the continual bugfixing, robustness, and usability improvements, there are several areas where important new functionality is planned:

  • Connectors: Continued expansion of the supported cloud infrastructures
  • APIs: A gradual shift away from our custom REST API towards the CIMI standard, accompanied by a shift from XML to JSON.
  • Storage: Incorporating storage (block and object) as first-class resources within the SlipStream computing model
  • Containers: Support for container-based technologies in addition to virtual machine technologies
  • Networking: component-level control of firewall rules and dynamic control over network connectivity and quality

Your feedback on what features you’d like to see in SlipStream is important. We continuously adjust our development priorities based on user feedback. Give us your feedback by contacting us at